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Tropical Dreamer ( signature piece ) -

My inspirations are many.   I reach deep within to connect to the creative energy of the universe.  With a distinctive expressionist style, each piece is an exploration of color, texture, magic, symbolism and power of this creative energy.
All of the ceramic work is original, handbuilt, using a low-fire claybody and a coil/slab method of construction.  The surface is carved, textured,  manipulated, and bisque fired.  I then treat the surface as I do my paintings, with washes of color: oil, acrylics, glazes, pencils and/or pastels.
I let the process flow and unfold in a natural, organic way, stepping aside to become the observer.  Each piece expresses a different dimension and depth of the spirit.  I never know what might occur.  Life is a mystery that way! 

***Because my work is one of a kind, most of the pieces are sold on this site, however, it will give you a good idea of the type of work I do. It is best to find me at one of my shows to see a full collection of available work. 🔆 " LIKE " my FB page: Su Griggs Allen Artworks. 
e-mail me at finney6@verizon.net if you would like to see additional photos of my work, or have an idea for a commission piece done to your specifications.